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Computer Chips Built Just For Artificial Intelligence

From the article: A.I., it turned out, works better with new kinds of computer chips…Today, at least 45 start-ups are working on chips that can power tasks like speech and self-driving cars…Venture capitalists invested more than $1.5 billion in chip start-ups last year, nearly doubling the investments made two years ago, according to the research […]

Hadoop: A Brief Overview

If you work with technology, you’ve probably heard of Hadoop: based on a 2003 white paper, Hadoop is the technology Google used to index the Internet. Today, it is freely available through the Apache software foundation, and is used by companies from Silicon Valley superstars like Amazon and Facebook to more traditional businesses, such as […]

Meltdown and Spectre: What We Know, and What To Do

Last week, a team of security researchers revealed two critical security flaws affecting every Intel processor released in the past 20 years. Since Intel is the leading producer of microprocessors, it is extremely likely that every business, government, and other organization is affected. It also means that your personal computers, smart phones, and other “smart” […]

Artificial Intelligence Translates Chicken “Speech”; Foghorn Leghorn Announces Presidential Bid

Researchers at the University or Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology have successfully used machine learning algorithms to measure stress levels in small groups of broiler chickens, based on their vocalizations. You can ready the summary from Scientific American here: Fowl Language: AI Decodes the Nuances of Chicken Speech While this sounds like something […]

Net Neutrality is No More

Today, the FCC voted along party lines to repeal what is known as “net neutrality”. The UK media company The Independent has a short, easy-to-read article on what this means. Here is the most important part: “Without Net Neutrality, cable and phone companies could carve the internet into fast and slow lanes,” warns Save the […]

Do You Trust This Face?

Back in my PhD program, I attended a conference on the role of trust in contemporary economies. This was in 2006: the subprime mortgage crisis (and subsequent Recession) hadn’t yet happened. Enron, however, was still newsworthy, with CEO Jeffrey Skilling just sentenced to a relatively brief 24 months in prison for overseeing a decade of […]

Security Robot Has Comic Mishap, and the Internet Responds

Earlier in 2017, a security robot patrolling a Washington, D.C. technology park accidentally drove itself into a man-made pond. The robot–a K5 Automated Data Machine, manufactured by Knightscope–was patrolling at night and most likely failed to distinguish the steps leading into the retention pond from the surrounding walkway (a mistake I have also made on […]

The New, Improved Bitcoin (Now With Even Less Regulation)

It seems more and more firms are issuing custom currency to raise capital: think Bitcoin with even less regulation. Is this a good idea for, well, anyone? Mt. Gox–at the time, the second largest Bitcoin exchange in the world–shut down in 2014 after losing over $400 million in customer assets. The name “Mt. Gox” is […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Here’s a short clip of a gentleman who was more than ready for the big meal: Turkey! (Funny Game Show Answers)