Hadoop: A Brief Overview

If you work with technology, you’ve probably heard of Hadoop: based on a 2003 white paper, Hadoop is the technology Google used to index the Internet. Today, it is freely available through the Apache software foundation, and is used by companies from Silicon Valley superstars like Amazon and Facebook to more traditional businesses, such as Home Depot, Angie’s List, and Verizon.

These companies use Hadoop because it lets them store very large data sets, and analyze them quickly. Consider that Google must provide accurate search results within a few seconds to users all over the world, and you can see that value that capability provides.

I’ve written a brief overview of this revolutionary technology, explaining the history of Hadoop, and how its two main components (the Hadoop Distributed File System, and the MapReduce algorithm) work. After reading this, you’ll have a better understanding of the most important technology in the Big Data landscape.

You can find the overview here:

Hadoop Basics: What is It, and How Does it Work?

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