Artificial Intelligence Translates Chicken “Speech”; Foghorn Leghorn Announces Presidential Bid

Researchers at the University or Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology have successfully used machine learning algorithms to measure stress levels in small groups of broiler chickens, based on their vocalizations. You can ready the summary from Scientific American here: Fowl Language: AI Decodes the Nuances of Chicken Speech While this sounds like something […]

Net Neutrality is No More

Today, the FCC voted along party lines to repeal what is known as “net neutrality”. The UK media company The Independent has a short, easy-to-read article on what this means. Here is the most important part: “Without Net Neutrality, cable and phone companies could carve the internet into fast and slow lanes,” warns Save the […]

After Thursday, Comcast Will Pick Your Web Sites For You

The Federal Communication Commission will vote Thursday to eliminate regulations that stop an Internet service provider, such as Comcast, from slowing down your connection when you visit web sites, or use apps, that they don’t prefer. For example, if Comcast makes a deal with Apple to push iTunes, they can then throttle your data–that is, […]