Machines That Can Think Might One Day Do Just That

This past week was a big one in artificial intelligence news: the New York Times reported that Google, Amazon, and other technology leaders are investing heavily in computer programs that may be able to develop new artificial intelligence algorithms without any input from a human programmer. This is partly because highly-talented AI programmers are in […]

Can a Computer Really Build a Better Computer?

Can a computer really be programmed to program itself? Silicon Valley certainly hopes so. What would it look like if they succeed? Automating the “grunt work” of programming is nothing new: code generators have been around since the time of COBOL, and while they have become much more sophisticated, they still work in much the […]

Why the Bell Curve Explains So Much

The main issue with machine learning is over-fitting the model to the data. This is especially true of iterative models, such as decision trees, where each additional parameter necessarily improves the model’s fit with the training data. Ensemble learning models, such as the random forest, guard against over-fitting by estimating hundreds of models, then aggregating […]